Service and Repairs

What's so special about our Services and Repairs?

  Why choose us? We do it right or we will make it right! You can count on us to come to you or you can come to us. We work on all makes and models. With our experience we are here to make sure your repair or service goes smooth!

XLR Thunderbolt

This XLR Thunderbolt is on its way back to Owensboro, Kentucky. We replaced a slide out floor and all the vinyl flooring throughout the whole coach. We also took care of vendor recalls white it was here. They come from all over the country. You should see what all the hype is all about. Stop in and share a story or two and we can fix or service your rv all at the same time. Read More

Forest River Sierra 5th Wheel

This FR Sierra is ready for it next 100,000 miles. The customer brought this fifth wheel to us and stated he had movement when hitching and un-hitching. After inspection we had bad news. His side wall had several broken welds along with the lippert frame also being broken. We Installed a flex kit to the lippert frame which includes an abundance of welding and adding gussets. After that was complete we cut into the side wall to see how bad it was. With the amount of tubes broken we agreed to change the entire side-wall. After a few weeks this fifth wheel is ready to go. No job too big or small we complete them all. Read More


These customers came in from Florida and realized that they had a problem. Their neighbors at Pla-More Campground told them about the Pierceton Peddler and our great service. We installed a new rubber roof, replaced all decking, gutter rails, skylight, as well as replaced the A/C gasket to insure a water tight seal. We have happy campers once again and we couldn't do it without our referrals, post shares, vendors and certainly our customers. Thank you for your business. Read More


This Montana is all ready for it's new owners. Unfortunately it sustained a little body damage and a broken ladder. Within days of its arrival its all good to go and start making memories. Don't wait on the other guys, get it done at Pierceton Peddler LLC. Read More


4 new tires for this Hornet, Now the family can head back home to Florida with peace of mind. Ultra CRT is a great tire at an affordable price. How are your tires looking? We sell tires, steel or aluminum wheels as well. Read More

Max Lite- By R-Vision

This Max Lite by R-Vision was brought in with a little water damage. Very beneficial that this customer caught it in time before too much damage occured. The rubber roof membrane was cut short from the factory and the seal finally gave out. We cut out the old decking, header and rafter and installed all new. Although these type of repairs are not our favorite, we understand sometimes people are on a budget and the price of a new roof is not reachable. This repair will certainly stop any further damage. Read More


This Cruiser Aire is all ready to go. Just a little body work, aluminum prebend extrusion, and paint had to be done on this one. Accidents happen unfortunetly we can make it look as if they didn't. Read More

Motor Home- Power Issues

These first time RV'ers are now ready to hit the open road. The customer had no 110 power when on shore power. The inverter would pop and even sometimes smoke. Several other service centers could not figure this out. After diagnosis we found that the common was not making good connection. We plugged it in to 50 amp service and their coach came alive and their frowns turned into smiles. Although we haven't been here long we have what the big service centers don't always have. "Knowledge, answers, trust and integrity. That is our promise to our valued customers. Read More

Onsite Mobile Calls

A couple of the service calls we did today at Indian Lakes campground. We installed 3 awning toppers, gave a permanent awning more slope and some metal work. We also wrote 2 quotes. Read More

Grey Wolf/ Forest River

We have them flowing out of the shop today. This brand new Grey Wolf was damaged in transport. That's okay within a couple days it's repaired and on the way to it's new owners. OEMS use us, transport companies use us, ship lots use us, and snow birds know us too. Call today if you need good service and great quality work. Read More