2018 Jayco Pinnacle warranty repair

Warranty work requested on Jayco Pinnacle

1. Air conditioner still very loud in the bed room ( we were told we were purchasing the quite system) not at all.
Tech: We replace the front air conditioner due to it missing one of the feet throwing the unit out of balance.
2. Leveling system still not working properly – feels like everything leans towards the kitchen side of the rv.
Tech: Reset center point and is now working properly.
3. The floor between the cook top and the island is buckling (as if this unit has been damaged)
Tech: We removed the kitchen slide out, removed the linoleum, Then sanded the seams and used a wood filler. (tongue and groove plywood just had a little varience) Installed new linoleum, the slide out with new facia.
4. Mold/mildew smell still in half bath. This unit has a plumbing leak and has had water damage behind the walls of the half bath, that has not been addressed properly.
Tech: Water heater was never sealed properly. Allowing water to enter the coach from the outside. This is now sealed. Due to this issue the bathroom door was replaced. Upon our final inspection we found a leak in the pass through storage compartment. This could have added to the smell.
5. Awning arm that was repaired now squeaks super loud when you use it.
Tech: We found towards the rear of the awning where the awning arm and can meet is where the noise came from. We adjusted this out and used a dry lube and is now quit.
6. Bad squeaks in floor at stairs to bedroom and bathroom – this has only gotten worse.
Tech: We were unable to duplicate these sounds. We tried it with the coach level and just stationary and never heard anything alarming.
7. Front door warped and does not seal properly.
Tech: Striker latch was adjusted and tested ok
8. Washer installation – The entire RV shakes when the washer is on spin – We have researched this and found the units installed in our RV are totally wrong and way to heavy for the RV (and not installed correctly creating more damage to this unit)
Tech: The washer and dryer were never installed at all really more just thrown into the closet. They are now fastened and cannot move. The paneling was also repaired from the appliances moving around. You now have a shelf above for your detergents ect.
9. Wood mantel on fireplace / this has been fixed
Tech: Drawer was not aligned properly, adjusted the ladder.
10. Deep scratches on the wood in several places-some of these were fixed.
Tech: Checked all surfaces and repaired the scratches.
11. Scratches on furniture in several places.
Tech: We hired creative colors and they repaired furniture and damaged areas.
12. Screws are missing in a few places on the RV – some screws were replaced.
Tech. Checked and repaired or replaced all missing screws.
13. Walls already to separate- in hall bath. Several places the wall paper is buckled and trim is separating from the wall. This is getting worse every day.
Tech: The bathroom was the biggest job in the coach. We gutted the walls down to the studs which includes removing the toilet and shower from the coach. We then installed all new paneling and trim. Trim was installed with an adhesive throughout the entire coach and fastend with a headed pin nail. We then puttied all holes re installed the shower. We also put a new hub in floor so that the toilet is now straight in the bathroom. We also squared up the cabinetry in the bathroom.
14. Stairs that were repaired for squeaking, now have hot air blowing through them.
Tech: Heat duct for the basement was on top of the tank. We redirected the duct work underneath the tanks. We also removed insulation from underneath the steps (this cannot be blocked, this is for the cold air return).
15. Door casing at pantry and half bath separating-this has been repaired. This looked like the doors have been swapped out and did not fit properly.
Tech: Removed doors and casing, casing had water damage from the water leak. Replaced all of the door casing and also straightend the wall at the pantry was off by ¾ of an inch reinstalled pantry door installed new bathroom door.
16. Door at closet will not stay on track.
Tech: Adjusted the closet doors and replaced the bottom door guide.
17. Air conditioner not working in living room.
Tech: Checked the air conditioner and checked out OK
18. Back up camera has never worked.
Tech: Without the monitor this is impossible to check however they are wired into the running lights. So the running light s on the truck must be on for it to work. That is how the system receives power.

Once the coach arrived we had three techs walk your unit with different colors of tape to minimize us missing things needing attention. We found a big cut in the rubber roof so we went ahead and changed it along with two roof vents that were broke. We also found three damaged stripes that we also repaired. We found several scratches to the exterior of the coach along with one underneath the hitch area (this was taped) not sure if these scratches came from transport so we went ahead and polished the entire exterior of the coach. In my opinion you now have the best looking pinnacle RV out there. From there we taped up the inside most of your trim was removed and replaced throughout the entire coach. The new trim was applied with a headed pin nail and a clear sealant. From there your crown molding in the living area was sealed so there is no more void to see the lighting from underneath. We also found the closet rods were cut short we also replaced those. I hope when you receive your coach back you are able to see that there was no stone untured and the repairs were done properly and not just aided. In confidence of the repairs being done right my cell phone is listed above for any and all questions and concerns you may have. It has been a pleasure working with you and you can now enjoy your coach with peace of mind.

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