Josh Sommers

Josh Sommers

Josh is the son of 2 very hardworking parents. His father Max was born in Missouri and grew up on a farm, and later, was an auctioneer.  Josh’s father Max, moved to Indiana in the 1980’s seeking RV work. Max has been in RV management for 40 plus years.  Josh’s mother, Lee Ann, was born and raised in Nappanee Indiana, where she has been in management at Yoder’s Kitchens for 20 plus years. Josh’s sister, Kasi Grace of Goshen, Indiana has also been in management since high school.  Kasi is currently a service manager at Weaver Ag and Lawn Equipment in Wakarusa. 

            Hard work started early in life.  Mowing, shoveling snow, newspaper routes, and cleaning offices taught Josh at an early age about working hard.  As a teenager, Josh would go to Missouri in the summers to do construction work for his uncle, and logging at the saw mill for his older cousin.  At 14 Josh started working full time at Newcomer Service in Nappanee. The owner was tough on him and helped mold Josh into the man he is today. 

            Josh attended Northwood High School and the Elkhart Area Career Center. While in high school, he was employed at Lavine Restoration.  Then next 7 years after high school, Josh worked at Heartland RV in the slide out department. After that, he spent 4 plus years at Renegade RV.  This is where Josh met his business partner and friend, Leonard Miller.  Josh was able to put his eye for quality into use at Renegade, and he was proud to be a part of a company that surrounded him with like minded people who truly cared about the product they all produced together. 

            Growing up, Josh enjoyed working, fishing and hunting.  He still loves to hunt.  During hunting season, you’ll find him in the woods.  Josh also has a “need for speed”.  Since his youth, Josh has raced anything from riding mowers to ATV’s and dirt bikes to boats. And of course, fast cars.  Josh has been racing cars for the past 14 years.  In the past he has raced street stocks and outlaw late models.  Whenever he gets a chance to go to the track, he currently races a sportsman model. As Josh has focused more on family and business, he doesn’t race as often anymore. But, when he does get a chance, he still wins and puts on a show.

            Josh grew up down the road from his wife but never really talked to her until they were in high school. They started dating after high school.  Their first date was dinner at Ponderosa and night of racing at Plymouth Speedway.  Josh married Kristen in 2010.  His wife is also a hard worker and started off the trailer factories and worked in the industry until they started their family.  Kristen has worked in the food service industry as a waitress and bartender for the past few years.  She is currently a bartender at Wings etc. in Warsaw.  Josh and Kristen have 2 children.  Their daughter is the oldest, and Raegan is quite the “sassy little firecracker” and their son Easton “loves to eat, ride equipment with dad and go to the races”.

            Josh’s goal is to change his reputation from “the race car guy” to successful father, husband, family man, and business man.  He is working hard to make the Pierceton Peddler a successful chapter in his life’s book and always striving to find new and better ways to improve his business and his family life.